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Updated: Feb 19, 2020

I have not put any more poems of mine up here except the title poem, but here’s another one from my journal on 12/2/07.

 Hope seeps; hope keeps coming from somewhere.

Tired: tired drains it away,

And yet it comes again

           and again

                              and again.

Breathing; breathing just enough in –

A trickle – enough for sustenance, enough for staying here, for standing

In the middle.

In the middle of sorrow; sorrow flows, and yet hope holds it at bay – a dam strong enough and yet seemingly weak.

Chandeliers crashing down around you, around me – damaging, smashing the beauty.

And yet there is beauty still

Beauty you can feel and not see.

Beauty you believe in.

Behind the curtain.

Just through the window.

In a different world.

And it’s enough.

Enough to live for.

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