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Am I Good Enough?

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Am I Good Enough?

"I am good enough" is a common mantra in our world. It sounds great and empowering, but as Christians, we should know it's just not true. And for me, attempting to believe it is actually harmful. It makes me put my faith in myself - my will power, my commitment, my abilities - rather than in God, and I'm inevitably crushed when I fail in my goals, ideals, or morals.

Now, it seems like everyone is trying to be enough, convince themselves they’re enough, prove to everyone else they’re enough.

And I’m over here thinking how comforting it is to KNOW that I’m not good enough, but that IT’S OK TO NOT BE ENOUGH.

That’s where Jesus comes in. If any of us were enough, we wouldn’t need him. You don’t have to be enough; He does. And he is. So, give yourself a break and let him be God. I take great comfort in the story of Jonah – dude was angry, resentful and bitter all the way through, but God used him anyway.

God uses the foolish to shame the wise; the weak to shame the strong. When you are weak and foolish, He can still use you!

“I’m good enough and I’m strong enough and dog-gone it people like me," but when we do something and fail or regret our words or just can’t go on, that mantra comes tumbling down around us and leaves us disillusioned. And people may not like you. They certainly don’t all like me.

If you can’t feel good about the world unless you feel “enough,”

then your faith is in yourself, not God.

I’m saying this from experience as a strong, capable, independent, stubborn, persevering not-enough person who took years to accept that I could not fix everything, could not be everything, could not, in fact, be perfect. I’m NOT saying that you should live in shame, belittle yourself, or treat yourself without love. I rather think Rick Warren quote says it well: “Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it’s thinking of yourself less.”

All of that trying-to-be-enough is energy we are wasting not allowing God to be enough through us because we’re always focused on ourselves, our failures, our aspirations. What if every time we were not enough, we took that not-enough-ness and handed it to God – then let it go, did not dwell in its repercussions, its recriminations? I rather think the result would be a beautiful brokenness that is the essence of the Gospel itself – redemption not out of perfection, but out of Jesus’s love and sacrifice, which we very much did not deserve.

God never said that you were enough. He said that he is.

I am not enough. And what a relief that I don’t have to be.

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