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God Delivers

I ordered a several things from Ebay last month—things I was excited about. One of them was this vintage locket that looks like a little book. I love lockets and hidden compartments—places to hold things with meaning and, sometimes, secrets.

I eagerly tracked my package as it traveled across the country, like a kid waiting for Christmas.

Then one day I got two delivery notifications! Yay! But went I went to the mailbox, there was only one package.

I figured it was a glitch. Sometimes, they show up within a day or two, so I didn’t worry about it.

A week passed, though, so I contacted the seller.

“It’s been delivered!” he said.

“But it hasn’t,” I replied. “I know it says that, but it didn’t come. I don’t have it.”

Another week passed. Then two, then three.

I messaged the seller again. I messaged the post office. I put in a search for missing mail, and finally, upped it to a claim. It wasn’t coming. I was sure of it.

My excited expectancy had turned to disgruntled annoyance—a burden instead of a boon.

Yesterday was a frustrating day in many ways, and I remembered the package again. I almost messaged the seller and let that frustration out on him, but the Lord stayed my hand.

Then last night I finally noticed that I had actually purchased two things from the SAME SELLER. The other had arrived as recorded. I checked the tracking numbers on the two items; yup, they were the same.

The locket had been in the package with the other item, but I stopped looking after I pulled out the first, thinking there was nothing else in there.

I threw it away! I thought. But…had I?

I recycle, so I messaged the seller and asked how the items had been packaged. What type of envelope? How were they wrapped?

I learned that the locket just might be in my plastic recycling, and today, I set about digging through a bin full of grocery bags stuffed with grocery bags and bubble wrap and cellophane. I was only on the second bag, and there it was, safe in another layer of bubble wrap that I’d only unwound partway.

I spent three weeks being upset every time I thought about it, wasting my time and other people’s time, and blaming others when I had it all along.

I think this happens with our prayers all the time. We pray for a few things, and some of it feels like it’s answered, but there are these other things we think are dangling out there undelivered.

There are promises in the Word, and I know we often pray them and feel like God isn’t hearing us. It’s been too long; it’s not coming.

We call on God, "Where is it? Where is my answer?"

"It's been delivered," He whispers. "My Word says so."

“But it hasn’t,” we reply. “I know it says that, but it didn’t come. I don’t have it.”

And we proceed to stress and worry and become angry and frustrated and blame God for not coming through.

Friends, if the Lord says He will do it, IT IS ALREADY DONE.

“God is not man, that he should lie or a son of man, that He should change his mind. Has He said, and will He not do it? Or has He spoken, and will He not fulfill it?” (Num 23:19)

He is not some unknown Ebay seller; He's my God whom I trust!

And the package is already delivered! It doesn’t matter if you can see it yet or hold it in your hand. He has delivered it, and it will become clear at the right time.

What if, instead of allowing my doubt and impatience to overcome me, I trusted the Word—trusted that when He spoke, the words were true because He said them?

What if, like Jehoshophat in 2 Chronicles 20, I worshipped in faith at God’s words, believing that He would come through—answer my prayers, deliver me from my enemies, lead me into peace—though I did not yet see Him?

When God promises, He delivers. Don’t waste your time wallowing in unbelief and frustration. Trust that you’ve already received His promise!!

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