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Hope II

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Today, hope is the opposite of fear.  Sometimes love is the opposite of fear.  Or peace is the opposite of fear.  Today, for me, it’s hope. 

I have another blog in my drafts titled “Fear.”  And then God said, “No, you’re supposed to write about hope as it pertains to your fear.” 

Oh, okay. 

Hope as it pertains to my fear…

is hard

to write


Fear is easy.  Hope is harder.  Hope requires things of you.  It requires effort to maintain it. 

I did a word study on “hope” in the Bible.  (Well, word “study” is a little misleading – I read all of the verses with the word “hope” in them.)  It was enlightening to note how often hope was in conjunction with where you put your trust.  If you trusted on things that pass away, it never promised hope.  Hope was only a valid thing when it was based on faith in eternal things.  In God and what He can do.

No wonder my hope falters.  I try so hard to make sure nothing goes wrong in my life…make sure there are no bumps, and that if there are, they are not big enough that I couldn’t fix them myself.  Only that is not true, but I like to pretend it is.  So, I put my trust in my own abilities…in my common sense and intellect and work ethic.  I rarely, honestly, put my hope in God. 

Hope looks funny after you type it this many times.  🙂

Hope is what I am shooting for today.  Hope in the proper things and based on real truths. 

I didn’t say much in this blog.  I left a lot of lines.  Maybe you can read between them.

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