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Lessons from a Leak

Updated: May 25, 2020

Saturday morning, I noticed that the rug in front of the kitchen sink was damp - just a little. Upon investigation, we realized that because the prior owners of our house had laid linoleum down running in front of the dishwasher instead of under it, a leak had gone undiscovered for quite some time. Water had been seeping beneath the linoleum, undetected. As you can imagine, we weren't thrilled with this development, but in a lot of ways God really provided for us, and in reflecting on the situation, it has a lot of truths buried within.

1) Doing something wrong can cause problems to fester. Because the old owners put new floor down on top of old floor and didn't run it under the dishwasher, the leak went on for a long time. If it had been installed correctly, we would've known as soon as the dishwasher started leaking, because the water would've been coming out on TOP of the linoleum instead of underneath it. This is true of sin as well. When we step outside of God's will, it becomes harder to see the issues that action is causing. We become dulled to the Holy Spirit, and don't realize a bigger issue is forming underneath the surface. And sometimes that means you undo a lot of stuff and make a big mess before you can fix it.

2) Doing something wrong will eventually hurt other people. I'm sure the old owners were just trying to make it easy on themselves. "It won't hurt to lay this floor on top of the other one, and it's less work!" But their decision caused us a problem years later. Our wrong actions will always affect others in some way, even if we never know it.

3) Sometimes when something bad happens, but it is preventing something worse - and maybe we never know. This is also where a part of God's provision comes in. We thought the sub-floor was going to be destroyed because of how long the water had been seeping under the linoleum. But the same issue that caused the problem ended up saving the subfloor. They had put a layer of plywood + the existing linoleum down on top of the old linoleum and the actual sub-floor. Because of this, all the water ended up trapped between the old linoleum and the plywood they'd laid on top of it. THAT plywood was a disgusting, moldy, smelly mess. But once we got it and the old linoleum up, the sub-floor beneath was fine. But that probably wouldn't have been the case forever.

4) Sometimes a bad thing happens to push you into something better. And this is the other part of God's provision. We'd already been planning to put in new floors, and they were already purchased. They were just sitting in the garage, waiting for us to have the time to do it. (We're making the time now!) This leak pushed us into doing something that, ultimately, is going to be WAY better than what we had. It's pushing us to a result that we really wanted in the first place. So, maybe God called you to do something - maybe even something you really want to do - but you've been putting it off out of lack of time or uncertainty or who knows what. If you push it off too long, God may push it back. :-) (*I'm not saying God wants us to have new flooring; this is just a correlative allegory to things God may want for you.)

The bottom line is though a leak wasn't the way we wanted to start our flooring project, this literally the only time in my life I would've been totally prepared. Flooring ready to go in the basement, working from home, and in a position to buy the rest of the tools we needed.

God provides, y'all!

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