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Perseverance - See What Happens if You Don’t Give In

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

She wanted to see what happened if she didn’t give in….

I saw this sentence as a headline on an article about losing weight. Oddly enough, the sentence was never spoken in the article itself, so I’m not sure if the person in question actually said it, but the essence of the sentence struck me.

We’re always told not to “give up,” but only regarding specific moral stances, generally told not to “give in.” What struck me was that most of the giving up I do is caused by giving in.

I give in to laziness. I give in to fear. I give in to fatigue. I give in to desire. To frustration and stress and rejection and bad moods and selfishness. To all the negatives that come both from without and within.

I also love the imagery of “seeing what happens….” It fuels my mind with visions of what might be if I would only let it—a real-life experiment.

Have I ever *really* “seen what happens” if I don’t give in? If I really don’t give in?

Because, y’all, the merest moments, the briefest snippets of times that I haven’t given in have produced wonderful things in me, both outwardly and inwardly, but they have been so fleeting.

I fall back to my old patterns. “I’ve done my duty,” I think. I accomplished something, held my temper, lost the weight. It feels wonderful! Then I sit back to rest on my laurels.

But what if I continued not giving in every day?

Oh, the places I’d go!

So, here’s to “seeing what happens if I don’t give in.”

What an epitaph that would be!

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