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Settling for Less

I've been reading about the Israelites in preparation for writing my book, and I came across a section I never noticed. When it was finally time for them to conquer the Promised Land, three of the tribes just decided they didn't want to. They agreed to fight with the rest of the people to show they still stood with God and the rest of Israel, but they wanted this land - the land they could see right now.

They didn't trust that what God had promised them was better.

The people were also promised that all the land they touched with the soles of their feet within a certain area would be theirs. Do you know that a lot of that land went unclaimed?

The terrifying thing is that God allowed both of these choices.

He won't force you to accept his promise, and even if you do take hold, he lets you choose how deeply you partake of it...


How many of us get right up to the border of God's promise and say, "I like it here, God. Is it OK if I just stay? I'll still serve you and stuff; I just feel more comfortable getting to pick my own land."

Or maybe we walk into God's promise, but we never complete the work he calls us to do within it, and therefore, leave the height and breadth of what he has for us and fathoms of relationship with him untouched.

I'm quite positive I do it. Maybe I'm on the verge of a breakthrough, but instead of pushing through and trusting God, I give up or turn away to some earthly pleasure to "recharge" and reward myself. As if the reward God has for us - his living water that will never run dry - is not exponentially better than anything I can get for myself.

Every tiny taste of pleasure on this earth will seem like dust once I understand what God really has for me. And if I would commit myself to him wholly NOW, I truly believe I would live in such a place of intimacy and hope with him, that I wouldn't doubt.

I don't want to settle for what's on my side of the Jordan, and once I cross, I want to walk in all the promise he's provided, not just a little tiny section of it!

May I cease turning to only the rewards I can see and stop leaving his promises unclaimed!

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