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The Potter and the Clay - So What If I Don't Have Handles

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

This past week, I had a serious case of impostor syndrome. I was just certain I was doing everything wrong, wasting all my time an energy, and getting nowhere.

I should admit there was some comparitis going on there as well - looking at other peoples' successes and wishing I was there or had their gifts.

This is a cycle I go through every now and then, eventually coming out of it through some combination of getting over myself and remembering to trust God.

*Photo by Oshin Khandelwal on Unsplash

The day after the height of my pity party, my morning devotion had me reading Isaiah 45. As always, God knew what my heart needed, because verse 9 says this: “Woe to him who strives with him who formed him, a pot among earthen pots! Does the clay say to him who forms it, ‘What are you making?’ or ‘Your work has no handles’?"

I love how God reproaches us so gently. My insecurity was a completely normal part of the human condition, but it was also mistrusting my Maker.

I was not trusting that God knew what he did when he formed me. I was not trusting that he is with me every step of the way. I was looking at my own (in)abilities and feeling like it was hopeless.

But he formed me. He is the potter, and I am the clay. My natural capabilities have no bearing on what God can do through me if I am submitted to his molding.

So what if other people have handles, and I don't. God created me to be something different from that person, and the quickest way to become that person is to allow him to continue molding me and stop wishing to be different.

I cannot be thinking about all God is if I am thinking about all I am not. One of my favorite quotes (don't be surprised if you hear it again) is "...a really humble man...will not be thinking about humility: he will not be thinking about himself at all." - C.S. Lewis

His eyes will be fixed on Jesus, and he will not wallow at his failings. They are no surprise to him. God told us that even our righteousness is as filthy rags and do not compare to God's goodness. If we look at ourselves, we will always be disappointed eventually, but if we truly look to the Lord, we will always be encouraged and brought out of the pit of self-interest and self-pity.

So, I don't have handles. Whatever you're missing, recognize that only God can fill it. He is not limited by my lack. He knew from the very beginning exactly what I was made for. I am the shape, the color, the toughness he intended, and when yielded to his will, all of that will be for his glory and to great purpose.

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