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Trust the Gardener

This fence was built for these roses. Over the years, no one had tended them, and there were none growing on the fence at all. Tendrils shot randomly across the ground and rarely bloomed.

I've lived here five years, and each year I'd find another rose growing where it could not flower, and I would dig it up, and move it back to this fence where it could climb and flourish. Each year, I would carefully thread the tender shoots through the fence so they could climb.

Some bloomed quickly, but it's taken five years to fill the fence and for all of them to be full and flowering. I moved them because I loved them and wanted them to be beautiful and to reach their potential and to show their beauty to others just like I'm showing you. Look at these beauties!

And while they were mere shoots, they needed all the nourishment they could get, but now that they are full and thriving, I will begin to prune them so that they will flower even more fully and become even more stunning.

Sometimes God digs us up because we have planted ourselves somewhere we can never grow and flower. We think he doesn't love us, because it seems like we don't get to choose, but then he starts to guide us, thread us through the fence so we have a solid place to climb up and up until one day we begin to flower, and we realize what he was doing along. And just when we've caught our breath, and we think "This is what I was meant for!" he begins to prune us, and once again, we question. "Why did you plant me here and make me beautiful only to cut off my growth?" Then a new season comes and we see again, it was so we could bear even more fruit. He tends us not because he wants to control us, but because he wants us to be beautiful. Maybe one day, we will begin to trust that his diggings up and plantings and prunings are all because he loves us and wants to show our beauty to the world so they can learn that the Gardener can be trusted too. If you'd like to see a full video of the climbing rose fence, you can see it on my YouTube Channel here:

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