"An enthralling journey that is a magical imagining of the origins of Wonderland. Vincent and Alice’s adventure becomes your own as well as you trek with them through their odyssey. They and you come out wiser and more thoroughly yourself on the other side. It’s an amazing, beautiful tale." - Amazon Reviewer

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Vincent in Wonderland, Grades 4-7.

Created by Author KA Cummins


11-year-old Vincent van Gogh discovers a curious new world through a tunnel on the moor. A mysterious white rabbit introduces Vincent to Alice, and their quest begins—defeat the dreaded Jabberwock before it consumes all of Wonderland.

A slithy tove, an ill-tempered caterpillar, and the Cheshire cat meet them along the path as their adventures take them through fields dancing with flowers, tangled forests, and looking-glass pools.

But all is not what it seems in Wonderland, and Vincent may not have— and may not want— what it takes to succeed. Destroying the Jabberwock may cost more than he’s willing to give.