Wandering with God

Overcoming Obstacles to Find Joy in the Journey
Coming Soon!!

God rescues us.


He rescues us from slavery and sin and selfishness and the world and fear,

but sometimes his path feels a lot like wandering in the desert.


We don't know what we're doing, why we're doing it, or if God even cares.


I want to break through into his rest.


I don't want my peace to be tied to my circumstances;

I want it to be tied to HIM and him alone. 


I know his yoke is easy and his burden is light, but I insist on carrying burdens

that shouldn't be mine to bear.


This book is about overcoming those obstacles and learning to trust God

in the desert even when I don't understand, have every sensible reason to doubt,

and can't feel him at all.


So many things battle against our trust - fear, expectations, self-sufficiency,

suffering, pleasure - these are just a few of the topics we'll tackle.


I hope this book will grow your faith; I know writing it is growing mine. 

A few excerpts for you:

"If we really trust God, we can wait. But too often, we don’t. We stop believing sometime in those dry years.

We misunderstood. God doesn’t care. He wants us to take action.

'God helps those who help themselves,' right?

No, that’s just what we say when we stop believing he wants to help us at all."

"Sometimes fear speaks the truth. There’s a real threat. A real enemy. Sometimes, you really don’t have what it takes. Sometimes, cancer is bigger than the doctors. Sometimes, fear is a giant—a Goliath. What then?"

"If I never walk out past my own abilities, how will I ever believe God has my back? What will happen when my Goliath comes along if I never gave God the chance to be big in my life?

"If faith is a muscle, fear is what happens when that muscle atrophies from disuse. The more we rely on anything but the Lord, the more susceptible we are to fear."

"It’s ironic that we often think trusting God with our lives is more difficult and uncertain than

shouldering the entire burden ourselves and hoping for the best.

But we want a formula, and God isn’t formulaic."

"Instead of taking up my cross and following Jesus, I take up my cross and follow myself,

plan every action for success, and give him no room to move."

"I can plod on in mediocrity and the mundane, blaming the world and my circumstances for any lack of fulfillment I feel. That I can do quite well.

But can I step off the cliff into the unknown God has planned for me?"


"God’s promise will always be glorious, and how much more beautiful is its fulfillment

when all hope seems lost?"

Wandering with God:
Overcoming Obstacles to Find Joy in the Journey
Work in Progress

C.W.M Publishing

© 2017 by C.E. White

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